About Exeter Homes Trust (Charity No. 201530)


Exeter Homes Trust was founded some 900 years ago and can be traced back to the 11th Century. The original purpose of the Trust, which is unchanged today, was to provide accommodation for people deemed to be unable to remain in their own homes by reason of reduced circumstances.

The Charity owns and manages 141 Almshouses in 8 Estates throughout the City of Exeter. The stock of homes ranges from Victorian, Mid-War, Post-War and Contemporary, most recently the remodelling of the Grendon Road Almshouses Phase 1 completed in March 2024.

Exeter Homes Trust (Charity No: 201530) has been a registered provider (Housing Association) since 14th June 1976. The Original scheme ordered by the Lord Chancellor dated 4th February 1837 in the matter of the Exeter Charities is held by the Trust.

The people who manage strategy of the Trust are Directors who are recruited locally from people of experience, who volunteer to ensure public benefit and charitable purpose.

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